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Below is an abbreviated list of testimonials from some of our students, the entire list is too long to include all.  The testimonials were selected to cover a wide range of issues that may be important to the majority of prospective students.  Note: testimonials are summarized

  • BusterTendon/Ligament damage to Knees and Hips

    BD213 Circulation Tea

    Buster C/O Jayne and Daniel, 1/2014

    Our dog Buster came into our life when he was just a few weeks old. He is a chow mix, and a very loyal beautiful dog that has brought many years of joy to our lives.

    In the summer of 2012, Buster had some issues with his leg. We took him to the vet, and they diagnosed a major ligament/knee issue and recommended surgery. Buster underwent surgery to repair his knee, and a week into recovery, his other leg had the same syptoms due to the stress of Buster over using the leg due to the surgery. We took him back to the vet and they said they would not normally recommend a surgery on the other leg, this close to the original surgery, but our dog was in major pain, and we decided to do it. We took turns taking time off work to take care of him. We even had to carry him out into the yard so he could go to the bathroom. It was a very long few weeks but he did recover and did quite well, he was able to walk around again.

    Just before the Christmas holidays in 2013, Buster started to have show some symptoms again like before his surgery. We were very worried as he started to show tenderness in his back legs again, and the back left leg he would not put it on the ground. Fearing the worst we took him to the vet. The vet wanted to put him under to perform a x-ray and suggested that is how they would be able to know if any of the hardware from his surgery had moved, and if he needed further surgery. Our hearts sank, we did not want to put him through all that again. With very heavy hearts we went home knowing we would have to make a very hard decision in the near future.

    We mentioned our dilemma to the QiInstitute  and they suggested we try one of Dr Steven Chang’s formulas on Buster. They suggested the 213 Circulation Tea. We were not sure how we were going to get Buster to take this formula but thought we would give it a try. They suggested 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. We gave Buster the formula and he licked it right off of my hand, and seemed to actually like the taste of the powder. We gave him a second dose that evening, and to our delight and surprise, after a few days Buster was walking normally again. He was not limping and was walking on all four legs. He has been on the formula for over a month now, and continues to show improvement and just continues to get stronger and healthier with each passing day. We are thrilled with the results, and could not be more grateful to the QiInstitute for helping us.

  • Hiatal Hernia, Diverticulitis, Acid Reflux

    FP-604 Acidity Combination

    Irma W., 12/2013

    I have been reading the following books and have found them to be AMAZING: Balanced Diet, Sexology and The Complete System of Self Healing.

    I have had stomach problems for most of my life along with female problems and acne.  Doctors were never able to find out exactly what was wrong with me.  When I turned 40, I was told that I had Hiatal Hernia and Diverticulitis; I have been suffering from acid reflux and elimination problems ever since. 

    After reading the books I started eating three small meals per day including fruits and vegetables with each meal.  I use some of the recipes and love them and I eat white rice every day. 

    I have been practicing the exercises and using FP-604 Acidity Combination for a few weeks now and I notice the difference with my eyes, stomach and other body parts.  I’ve noticed and increase in my energy level, sleep soundly, eliminate daily and my acid reflux is less frequent.  My skin is even improving. 

    Update!!! 2/2014

    It has now been several months using FP-604 Acidity Combination and I am now medication free.  I no longer have constant acid reflux.  If I feel it coming on I use 604 and it immediately goes away.

    Sleep is the best, the acid reflux no longer wakes me up at night.  My diet is better and I am continuing to practice the Tao of Balanced Diet as well as the Self Healing exercises.

  • Eye Problems (Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular
    GT 704-B
    right Combination
    Sara M., 06-11-12
    Thank you for fixing my delivering address at the same time I wanted to
    give my input about the tea I am taking, since January 2012, recommended by you and it gave me lot of peace of mind on the progress of my eyes with glaucoma on both, macular degeneration-wet in one and cataract medium size.

    I have notice my vision has improved and didn’t advanced. My doctors (I have three different specialists) found a difference on my eye examinations and had made the comment about my cataract size is minimal, my eye pressure is lower and my macular-wet is not progressing, I feel so thrilled knowing that I can still continue driving and can read.  There is no cure at this time but I believe that could be possible with GT 704-Bright.  Thank you very much for introducing to me to Taoism, love you both.

  • Prostate Problems (Enlarged):
    WD501-Uro Tea
    Lenny H., 4-2012
    After suffering from prostate problems for several years, I was happy to learn that a possible solution existed other than the surgery and drugs my Dr.’s recommended.  After approx. 6 months, I went from urinating 6 times during the night (every hour) and over 10 times during the day, to sleeping throughout the night or only waking up once to urinate.  

    Daytime urination decreased to once every 4 hours and I also noticed improvement with completely eliminating urine and the force of the “stream” as well.  

    All follow up tests with my Dr.’s came back normal, and for the first time in many years I do not have to worry about where the bathrooms are when I go out.  

  • Quitting Smoking and Severe Headaches/Migraines:
    BP404-Detoxifying Combination & AD102-Resistant Combination
    Lenny H., 1-2012
    After smoking for over 50 years, I was up to 2 packs per day and was suffering the consequences.  I also had terrible migraines every day and as a result had to take 8-10 Tylenol daily just to manage the pain.

    It was recommended that I take 404 and 102, 1/2 teaspoon 3x’s per day, and for the first few months I did not notice much of a difference.  After approx. 4 months, I noticed a dramatic reduction in the daily migraines and I was able to take only 2 pain relievers daily.  After another month or about 5 months total, I no longer needed the pain relievers and no longer suffered from migraine headaches or sinus congestion.  

    During this time I also was able to quit smoking.  This gradually occurred over several months, after one month I was able to cut back to 1 pack per day, after the second month, I only smoked a 1/2 of a pack per day.  Then after approx. 4 or 5 months I no longer had the urge to smoke and was able to throw away all of my cigarettes.  

    I am truly thankful for everything the Forgotten Foods and exercises have done for me and I am forever grateful to The QiInstitute.  

  • High Cholesterol and Thick Blood
    GT703-Central Tonic
    Anna F., 8/2008
    At 95 years old my Dr.’s told me that I suffered from very high cholesterol and thick blood.  My Dr.’s put me on a blood thinner and told me I would have a stroke if I did not take it.

    After a consultation with Dr. Chang he recommended I take 1/8 teaspoon of Central Tonic 3 x’s per day.  After approx. 2 months I noticed  and improved feeling of well-being, improved health and according to blood work from my Dr.’s my cholesterol went down 40 points from 230 to 190 and my Cardiologists lowered the blood thinner by half and are looking at reducing it further.

     I thank God everyday for the Forgotten Foods and pray everyday for the Ministers at The QiInstitute.  

  • Poor Circulation, Swollen Legs and Weak Constitution
    BD208-Unlock  & GT701 Body Building
    Florence U., 8/2008
    I was 80 years old when I noticed my legs were very swollen.  I have suffered from poor circulation for many years and always have cold feet and toes.

     I tried many methods to improve my circulation and reduce the swelling but nothing worked until I found The Forgotten Foods.

    After one week my circulation improved, my feet were no longer cold and most importantly the swelling and black and blue marks on my legs disappeared.  After Only ONE week!!!  

  • Early Stage Prostate Cancer:
    GT701 Body Building& WD501 Uro Tea & Royal Jade Cream
    Peter G., 7/2010
    I was diagnosed by my Dr.’s with the early stages of prostate cancer and had the usual symptoms of frequent urination and swollen prostate.  I began taking Body Building, Uro and applying the Jade Cream directly onto my prostate using the prostate massage technique.  The first night I began using the Tea I was able to sleep throughout the night and after 2 1/2 weeks my prostate was no longer swollen and became soft and I did not have urinate as frequently.  

  • Leukemia:
    GT701 Body Building & GT712 Creative and Internal Exercises
    Betina, 7/2009
    I was diagnosed with Leukemia several years prior and tried all of the treatments recommended by her Dr.’s. I had chemo. and radiation several times and the Leukemia became so bad the Dr.’s told me I had 3-6 months to live and that I should make my final arrangements with my family.  

    Around the same time I discovered classes offered by The QiInstitute at a local community center and began to practice the Internal exercises and use the Forgotten Food/Tea.  

    After only two months my immune system was stronger and my white blood cells were up.  Prior to this my body stopped producing white blood cells.  For the first time in years all of the blood work came back NORMAL except my red blood count, which was still low.  After approx. 6 months, both the red and white blood count were normal as recorded on the test results.

    I was able to regain my normal weight and feel strong and healthy, the chronic dizziness also went away.  

    Thank You for helping me to have my life back, I thank God everyday for the work you do.  

  • Parakeet with Chronic Cough and Sinus Congestion:
    AD102 Resistant Combination
    A 6 year old Parakeet was suffering from chronic sinus congestion and coughing (clicking sound), for most of her life.  After placing a small pinch of the formula in her water dish every day for several weeks, the coughing stopped and the Parakeet was not “moody or cranky” as she was prone
    to being.  The
    sinus congestion around her “seer” went away as well.  

  • Menopause and Hormonal Problems (Depression, Hot
    Flashes, etc…):
    BD204 Comfort
    Susan T., 8/2010
    Susan was suffering from many problems associated with Menopause, including a very deep and prolonged depression, hot flashes, chronic dizziness and adrenal weakness.

    After using BD204 Comfort for just a few days she notified the Institute that all of her symptoms went away and she felt great.  She stated that her dizziness went away after the first time using Comfort.

    Extreme Weightloss, Parasites and Weak/Frail Constitution
    Teddy C., 9/2012

    the Qi Institute has been a tremendous help over the years. From offering congee recipes (rice soup) for cold and flu to helping me resolve chronic health issues. I started to loose weight from work and stress. Chest, cheeks and other body parts were beginning to sink in and there was almost no body fat left. I was eating a lot and stomach would clear up really fast. Within an hour I could eat again.

    My friends gave me the nickname, “black hole” because I could eat and then eat again really soon. In the morning when I haven’t eaten yet, my stomach was definitely recessed in a lot. My upper ribs around sternum were both showing and also the lower sides of my ribs on both sides showed, and for sure my face was boney and sunken in.

    This was a very scary experience. Thankfully with the Institutes help and herbal formulas I was able to make a full recovery. I’m now a healthy weight, practicing recommended internal exercises and improving in health everyday.

    Where western doctors and other alternative health places failed to find out the problem or would not help, the Institute was always open, accepting, and helped with all health issues. I’am grateful for this knowledge, kindess and support.

    Thank you Qi Institute and Dr. Chang!