Internal Exercise Testimonials

Bea, USA
After 1.5 years of Self Healing exercise, my balance has greatly improved, I no longer fear falling.  I feel healthier and stronger than I have in years, This class is the best program at my facility and I thank the Institute for being great instructors and for making a big difference in my life!  

We have the class twice per week 1 hour each class and it is not enough, the hour flies by.  

Janet, USA

Since participating in the Internal Exercise class, my balance has improved tremendously.  

I am now able to stand for my entire Church service without feeling like I am going to fall, and my legs are no longer tired at the end of the service.  I have also gained control of the ringing in
my ears, using the ear exercise (Beating the Heavenly Drum), and recently recovered from Bronchial Pneumonia much faster than the Dr.’s expected by using a breathing technique & lung exercise I learned in the

Anna, USA
This program has added more to my life than I can express.  I was a professional Physical Therapist specializing in Spinal Cord Injuries in Europe, Canada & USA, and I am still an avid Yoga practitioner.  I have been featured in many professional journals and interviewed many times by the newspapers for my work and physical fitness.  I feel that I have waited my whole life to discover teachers like this.  

If I had this knowledge when I was younger I would not have studied Yoga, I would have become a Taoist practitioner.  

This program is excellent for all ages, but in particular Seniors, this can save many people from unnecessary falls and injuries.  I have truly combined their teachings with my daily habits, not a minute goes by that I am not doing some form of Self Healing exercise, I am even using the Taoist principles in my Yoga practice.  The idea of not stretching but relaxing not tensing but releasing is revolutionary…..More people need to learn and know this!


Mya, USA
My balance is improving, I feel healthier & stronger, and I am gaining control of my breathing.  This is a very good program.


William (Doc), USA
My balance is greatly improved.  I have been able to improve an apparent circulation problem in my left shin, of which Doctors had no means to improve the condition and told me I would have to live with it.  The “Tapping” exercise is making the black areas on my leg disappear.  

My Dr. told me whatever I am doing keep doing it.  I also suffer from Emphysema, and I feel that I am seeing improvement in that area as well, I am gaining control over my breathing.  I am more relaxed and always feel great after the class.  

It is always a pleasure speaking with the instructors after the class, they are always willing to stay as long as


Sandra, USA
Overall I feel alot healthier.  We just Love these guys so much, they are truly great and a real blessing to us.

I can now stand in line for a very long time without getting tired or my legs hurting.  All I have to do is sway like a tree and I can stand for a long time!  I look forward to and hope to go to China with them soon.  They are the BEST anywhere!


Milton, USA
I am turning 100 years old this August (2008) and I know that this program is a major part of that.  I have no health ailments, walk well, can stand for a long time, and feel GREAT!

I love this class and the instructors.  I learn something new every class, the discussions are very stimulating.



Irving, USA
I love this class, I use the Tapping exercise every day and it gets rid of my severe leg pain I have suffered with for many years.  

Before the class I could not sleep through the night, now I sleep like a baby.  I feel this class will have me around for a long time to come!  The discussions are incredible.


Tommy, USA
I feel strong and healthy.  I am relaxed and gaining control of my temper and emotions.  



Rita, USA
I suffered with severe Spinal pain for 42 years, after an accident which fractured my spine in several places. The Dr.’s had to graft a bone from my leg to my spine, the result was that I could walk, however, was always in severe pain.  Pain medication, shots, massage, nothing got rid of the

After practicing the Self Healing Exercises for a little over a year my Spinal pain is gone.  I could not believe it, I woke up one day and knew something was different.  I had to think about it for an hour before I realized the pain was gone.  THANK YOU!!!

Doris, USA
My balance and breathing is much better now. I have Asthma, and I am gaining control over it, also feel that my blood pressure is lower. I know I feel alot more relaxed.

One hour is not enough for a class, but then again neither is two hours, we LOVE these guys and cannot get enough of them.

Yeta, USA
I cannot thank you enough! The exercises and dietary advice has eliminated my acid reflux, improved my balance and improved my life in more ways than I could ever say.

Ruth, USA
I have suffered from Allergies all my life, nasal congestion, headaches and watery itchy eyes were so common I forgot I was not supposed to feel this way.  Nothing improved or got rid of my allergy and sinus problems;

Until I started practicing the nose exercise I learned in the class, now I can walk around the neighborhood without carrying tissues with me.  This stuff really works!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Note: results will vary upon the Intention and level of Commitment of the Person.  Daily committed practice over a period of time is required for results.

Tremendous results are not uncommon, however, they are also not guaranteed.  Please consult with your physician before beginning
any exercise program! 

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