Science of Management

The Tao of Mastery provides us with tools to help us gain insight into ourselves and others, bend surrounding energies to our nature and purpose, and become masters of ourselves.

In order to facilitate personal and working relationships and reduce stress, the ancient Taoists developed a collection of different methods:

  • Personology: reveals the current abilities, attitudes, personal traits and health conditions of an individual.  Instinctive anticipation
    of forthcoming events is reflected in some of the 108 locations of the face, constituting a recognizable warning system.
  • Fingerprint System: reveals the inherited part of personality and health tendencies.  Also, fingerprints are changing delineations of our naturally developing personal and professional potentials and are warning signals of our inherited weaknesses, which we must be aware of in order to conquer them.
  • Taoist Numerology: gives precise insights into our life patterns and circumstances.
  • North Star Astrological System: more comprehensive and scientific than Western astrology–reveals our destinies and
    financial prospects; describes the physical, mental and spiritual attributes of our spouse and children; and unveils all other facets of
    our lives.
  • Directionology: is the study of the surrounding physical laws of nature, especially those of electromagnetism.  A complete
    knowledge of such forces allows us to orient ourselves and our belongings in ways compatible with the electromagnetic influences,
    in order to live in harmony with the laws of nature and facilitate obtainment of goals.  On the collective level, it can be used to
    reduce in fighting and promote the “chemistry” or cooperation between workers.  It is used in modern Japan to organize working
    groups as well as coordinate the various departments of a company.  In the West, the awareness of these influences is
    reflected in conversations about the “ambiance” or the “morale” at working places.  The Complete System of Self Healing, by Dr. Stephen T. Chang.

Tao of Management