I-Ching Sciences

The Tao of Success discloses the precise mechanics of life’s greatest events and the forces that shape all events.  The ancient Taoists discovered analytical methods to study these forces, identified recognizable patterns of change, and systematized strategies of success to deal with these patterns.  The Tao of Success helps you adjust your everyday actions in accordance with the universal law, to make every aspect of life more pleasant.  A clear and powerful instrument of Taoist Wisdom, the Tao of Success is divided into three parts:

  1. The study of symbols and signs that represent the endless changes that occur throughout the universe.  These phenomena are governed by exact laws defined by physics, chemistry, biology, geometry, algebra and other branches of mathematics.
  2. The Tao of Change, or the study of social philosophy and transactional psychology, as represented by sixty-four hexagrams.  Each hexagram is composed of six lines, each of which represents a developing stage in individual or group transactions.  Recognition of a certain pattern allows one to develop successful, detailed, and accurate strategies against the causes of adversity.  The Tao of Change is invaluable to those who wish to develop wealth, power, harmonious familial relations, social position and foresight fully.
  3. The actual practice of forecasting events, known as the Space and Time I-Ching System.  This system is based on the principle of cyclicalness—that is, everything that has happened is going to happen again, and everything that is going to happen has happened already in some form.   Like Albert Einstein, the ancient Taoists understood that time was illusory.  Like him, they studied situations in the space-time system.  Thus, they arrived at a means for interpreting events occurring within our time concept.  This is the key to “forecasting”, or seeing the future.

The Eight Pillars of Taoism cover every aspect of our daily existence.  They were designed to completely satisfy our basic physical needs in a manner that allows us to realize our full potential as human beings.  Then may we leap beyond the degenerating aspect of time, to live with the Tao, or God.  The Complete System of Self Healing, by Dr. Stephen T . Chang.

The Great Tao