Balanced Diet/Nutrition

The acid-alkaline balance of our food is very important.  Foods that are pH-balanced will not corrupt quickly, and the eater will be able to extract the maximum amount of nutrition available from those foods.  If the food we eat is not pH-balanced, it becomes corrupt as soon as it enters the digestive tract. The body, instead of benefiting from the nutrients in the food, absorbs the poisons resulting from the corruption.

If one goes to the back door of any restaurant, one will find food corrupting in garbage cans.  Not long ago, this food was served to customers.  So the only thing separating the front and back of the restaurant is a wall and a few hours’
time.  We would not purposely eat garbage because we know we will become sick from ingesting poisons.  Yet, we do eat garbage every time we eat without a thought for pH balance.  A telltale sign of food corruption in the stomach is bad breath.  The Complete System of Self Healing, by Dr. Stephen T. Chang.

Secrets of a Thin and Healthy Body