Through a partnership with Dr. Stephen T. Chang & the Foundation of Tao, Inc. we are able to offer Dr. Chang’s legendary Books & Forgotten Foods/Herbal Teas as well as Taoist Consultations.

  • Dr. Chang’s books

    The Great Tao

    The Complete System of Self Healing: Internal Exercises

    Tao of Balanced Diet: Secrets of a Thin and Healthy Body

    Integral Management of Tao: Complete Achievement

    Tao of Sexology: the book of infinite wisdom

  • Herbal Formulas/Tea

    3,000 year old time tested combinations.

    High tech, Freeze-Dried, Herbal Extraction of Highest Quality & Potency.

    No inorganic chemicals in processing.

  • Royal Skin Care

    An extraordinary herbal skin care system was developed for the royal families of China.¬† The herbal combinations were so tresured that they were regarded as priceless gems and are today the beauty secrets of Hollywood’s greatest stars.

    This skin care system includes many secret combinations..


    Taoist Consultations